To declare condition, if the value of condition becomes 0, empty string, undefined, null, Nan or false then it call Falsy Value.
On the other hand, if the value of condition becomes not an empty string, array or object then it calls truthy value.

2. What is undefined vs null?

If we don’t define, return or set any value and property of any variable, function, object the result will be undefined.
Null means empty, not existence. It expresses a lack of identification, indicating, that a variable points to no object.



Syntax, Comments

2. Comments: If we want to hide any word or line, we can comments it. Example:
function showPrimes(n) {
nextPrime: for (let i = 2; i < n; i++) {
// check if i is a prime number for (comments)
(let j = 2; j < i; j++) {
if (i % j == 0) continue nextPrime; } alert(i); } }

3. Caching: Caching is a general computer concept that provides efficiency through data availability. The mechanism by which this is accomplished…

Javascript String, Number, Math

Rahad Ahmed

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